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Today, there are many manufacturers of shoes. Among them is Vitacci. Brand shoes are distinguished by their elegance, beauty, and extravagance. Here you will find not only chic shoes with heels, but also summer sandals, a variety of handbags, socks, and vitacci shoes perfectly complement the image.

Brand Story:

Vitacci – shoes of Russian, Italian production. This brand has existed in the fashion industry for quite a long time. However, more and more popularity came at once. Initially, manufacturers who were not mass-produced only female models. The work and the efforts of the employees led to the publication of models of men’s and children’s shoes in international fame.

The peak of popularity VITACCI:

The shoes won the love of consumers after the “Golden Collection”, which was developed according to modern technology. Presented were not only women’s shoes and boots with a closed nose but also a variety of sandals, men’s and children’s models made of genuine leather, colored in a golden color. This collection received a pass ticket in the European market after the release of the manufacturer. To date, it is quite a successful company that cooperates with many European countries, and its models are recognizable all over the world and enjoy great popularity. Any girl should have shoes on Vitacci. A shoe manufacturer who is responsible for quality, these are shoes from Vitacci.

Description Brand VITACCI:

The shoes are made of natural materials only on the latest fashion trends. Models quite practical and convenient, different brightness and boldness. Brand recognition is the use of animal prints combined with bold colors. This is the style of signature which the manufacturer has not refused.

What kind of shoe company production?

In addition to the range, you can choose a variety of shoes, boots, loafers, boots, sandals, boots, and sets. The shoes have a wide size range: you can find both small sizes and large. In this regard, the company provides all the physical features of the human body structure. At the same time, one can find shoes for themselves: there are both extravagant models and classic. Shoes by Vitacci purchase, reviews leave only positive that its owner’s people are very happy with this brand.

In addition to shoe accessories, there are various bold and beautiful designs that can cater to a wide variety. The company also produces fashionable and elegant models of women’s handbags, high quality and very popular. Recently, this brand has a range of clothes for children. It is distinguished by brightness, style, and comfort. In addition to products, you can also find hosiery.

Vitacci Shoe Manufacturer:

Production features:

Vitacci shoes are primarily designed for the fall and winter seasons, so shoes have occupied a preferred place in the selection. They exclusively all models have high peaks that are different from other brands. You can choose shoe pipe shoes or a model with a zipper. The height is always more than 60 cm, according to the designer, it can emphasize the beauty and elegance of an illegal women’s legs.

The skin is of high quality when using completely natural materials, which are processed by special means which prevent the entry of moisture. In the production of suede models, it runs only natural leather, which explains the special treatment, thanks to which there is no moisture. This is because of the technology shoes made of suede can be worn in rainy or snowy weather without fear that they will deteriorate.

Children’s Shows VITACCI:

As mentioned earlier, it is not limited to the company Vitacci only for female models. Children’s shoes are very similar to the adult individual. The production allows for the formation of baby feet that use technology. Together with the Russians, the creation of such models was designed by Italian designers. The product is quite beautiful, comfortable, suitable for sports, walking, and specially developed shoe types for different events.

Shoe Vitacci:

Therefore, with each shoe characterized by children’s collection, luster, and practicality you can pick up beautiful and bright clothes of the same brand.

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