How to Keep Up With School Dress and Fashion?


According to the “Education” Act, from September 1 to 2013 all high school students are required to attend classes in school uniform standard patterns. In this regard, the question arises “how to wear to school?”

How to wear to school?

How to dress, which will make its color, style, and type of self, that is, because of the uniform, each school determines its own. This is the product of a legal act, which regulates these issues. By law, this meeting should be a strict dress code in business style, on the quality of convenience and aesthetics.

Athletic smart and comfortable clothing:

However, school uniforms do not have to be the same in all cases. Legally recommended three types of uniforms casual, casual sportswear, and formal. The daily form is intended for daily attendance. Sport – to practice in physical education classes. This type of shape can be a logo, trademark, or another attribute of a particular school logo. There is also a dress uniform. Its students should line up the school and wear during the celebrations. A distinctive feature of the dress uniform is the presence of a light shirt (for boys) or blouse (for girls) and the presence of any regulations established by the school holiday accessories. That’s all the law has to say about the form. Now I understand how to get ready for school.

What about Fashion?

How to dress fashionably in school How to dress fashionably, however, law school is silent on the way to dress fashionably. Hoping to enter into force the new law, some well-known designers (Vyacheslav Zaitsev, for example) have developed their approach to school uniforms. After all students, especially young women, actively monitor what is now fashionable to wear. For them, it is important to keep up with modern trends, including dressing in school.

School fashion:

In connection with the introduction of new legislation in the fashion industry began its active development of a new direction. So, the real question becomes: “How to dress in school, but at the same time it was fashionable?” Psychologists have conducted a series of studies for the most comfortable identification for children’s color of school uniforms. He came to the conclusion that stiffness came to the needs of others

Colors Combination:

Business style green, burgundy, blue and brown: create a good mood for children with the following colors on one side and the other perfectly fulfilled. Choose similar dresses, skirts, pants, sundresses, jackets, and when these colors should be used. Blouses and shirts for the maximum cake range: light green, pink, and beige, blue. Note that the black and white combination, they reject a pathetic and inappropriate for everyday children’s clothing. Based on the reviews, the designers took these colors to develop their collections. Thus, uniforms and fashion and ergonomic, and so made legislation.

To summarize:

Now that it is fashionable to wear, it is possible from a regulatory document to know how to wear school clothes, and in what form it will be in you. However, there will be the possibility of setting very strict boundaries, because the requirements are intended to focus on the learning process to make school uniforms clothing for children and instead make all exactly the same.

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