ECCO Brand in Moscow

The Danish shoe brand ECCO is positioned in the market as the only company in the world, which is engaged in all stages of footwear production, starting with the process of raising animals.

When the founder Carlyle brand opened its first store in Denmark to first customers, this shoe was introduced to return in 1960. Today, there are more than 3,000 branded stores worldwide, including 80 ECCO stores in Moscow.

ECCO shops in Moscow

Every year, the light of the shoes came in the spring-summer and autumn-winter collection “ECCO”. Each collection consists of a number of women’s models and men’s shoes and original fashion designs and is designed for different groups of customers. A distinctive feature of the shoes “ECCO” is that only high-quality natural materials, fully comply with international quality standards used for its production.

Brand Concept

The revolutionary concept at the time was the idea that shoes in the first place should be easy, comfortable, and practical. The main focus was on the development of the sole with all the physical features of the foot, and then it was modeled on the top.

Shoes for the whole family and at any time of the year offer ECCO stores in Moscow and other cities of the country. Throughout its existence, the Danish company managed to maintain the high quality and durability of its products.

ECCO Addresses Moscow Stores.

At the head of the Danish company for decades, family members of the brand founder, respect the tradition and are the guardians of the company’s key ideas. The company employs approximately 20,000 people worldwide under the ECCO logo. They are engaged in production, development, and trade. The idea can only endure the test of quality time, has completely justified itself.

Innovative technology in the production of ECCO shoes.

Receptor unique technology facilitates the correct position of the foot when walking. Due to the spring effect of walking in their shoes more easily. Shock point heel shock absorber takes load during walking, joints, and spine is free. Insole and upper makeup of shoes are materials, developed and processed by patented technology. The Gore-Tex membrane provides good ventilation and at the same time protects against moisture.

Thanks to many other innovative developments, the company has successfully maintained its reputation as a manufacturer of high-tech footwear, which exists. Extensive geography of brand sales and addresses of stores ECCO Moscow.

ECCO Developed a Network of Stores in Moscow:

Today, the number of branded outlets in the capital ECCO is close to one hundred. These include retail stores in Moscow ECCO, parts in multi-brand stores, discount stores.

ECCO Retail Stores in Moscow:

In 2012, the shopping center “Mega Belaya Dacha” opened the first specialty store which provides a special range of shoes for children, children’s shoes ECCO children. A properly designed and matched shoe is very important for the physical development of a healthy baby. Artificial feet with redistribution of load on the spine and joints, hard heel, eco-friendly materials will help to avoid serious health problems in the future.

ECCO Women’s Shoes:

Despite the fact that the priority, comfort, and convenience given shoe design is meeting the modern demands of customers. All ECCO stores in Moscow offer men’s and women’s shoes for the winter, summer, spring, and autumn range.

The model range is presented in three main directions: classic, casual, and sporty. ECCO shoes have a beautiful classic design, which is always in fashion.

ECCO Moscow Addresses Of Shops Contacts:

Focused on usability in female models and designers. Therefore, you will not find a collection of shoe heels, violating all the laws of gravity, in which all the fun of wearing is to immediately eliminate it. But classic court shoes with a stable heel and comfortable shoes – an indispensable option for the office with a dress code.

Where To Buy ECCO Shoes In Moscow:

Finding the selling point of well-known branded shoes is very easy and fast. Many of them are located near Moscow metro stations. Before purchasing, you should find out where there is a specific ECCO shoe store in Moscow, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Largest two-story brand shop ECCO-XL Mytischi Shopping Center rented XL3 area on Yaroslavl Highway near Moscow Ring Road.

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