Great Principles about Fashion to Learn.

Fashion Tips:

We are clear that everyone seeks this fashion, which he likes and there, there is nothing we can do. But on the other hand, it doesn’t hurt, that we even know some of them.

 Rules about fashion.

Then it will be in our hands, whether we put them into practice or not, but of course, they are worth it.

Because in this way, we will see, how our style and good taste are further enhanced. The rules of fashion, which may seem a little exaggerated, but with it, you will always be able to hit the mark. If you want to update your style, then don’t skip everything that comes after it, because it will surprise you.


  1. Rules About Fashion, Eliminate Blouses
  2. Avoid Eds
  3. Neck or Monsanto?
  4. Low Waist Jeans
  5. Eternal Prints

Rules about Fashion, Eliminating Blouses:

It is true that blouses stand out as being one of the basic clothing. In our wardrobe, we use them sometimes as wild cards and sometimes as clothes to go to the office. As it turns out, if you want to maintain an atmosphere of style and elegance, there’s nothing like canceling a maximum of two buttons. Because if we leave the third already, maybe the neck is wider. As we have said, it will always be for taste and will depend on the moment we wear it, but the rules of fashion are what they tell us.

Rules about Fashion:

Beware of ads:

Accessories are also a great way to eliminate any kind of shape. We like to wear earrings as well as a necklace and a bracelet or a ring. We know them perfectly, but what we do not know. That is, when we wear each of them, we break the basic principles of fashion. I mean, you can combine your shape. With a couple of them. For example, earrings and bracelets, or long pendants and you will forget about the rest of the accessories. Because what we have to do is not more burdensome than our style, and although we like accessories, we can’t overdo it.

The neck or the mantle?

It seems, that this is another rule about fashion. If we want to show an impeccable style, we have to choose both options and not choose. Suffice it to say, either cracks or miniskirts. While it is said that combining them can be a little exaggerated, but it is also true that it will always depend on the scarf of the skirt and the depth of the neck. Anyway, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first.

Fashion Rules for Miniskirts:

Low waist jeans:

There was a time when yes, those cowboy or low waist pants were all angry. In this case, it is true that some still remain. Although this season was marked by waistcoats, still, if you have something short, and you are going to pair it with a sweater that is not too long, do not expose your skin. Let it be. Best of all, bet on that basic shirt. In this way, the whole area will be fully covered. This is not to teach, but because the final style thus looks really better.

Fashion Print:

Now that prints are being re-worn this season, we need to be careful. Because we like them and we have to jump into them, but you have to have a little control. If you are going to combine two patterns, they should have at least the same tone or color. Because as a general rule, it is better to give importance to any of them. So if you are folding animal prints in outerwear, then choose a basic color for the bottom. Because in this way, the print is much more visible and our style remains as innocent as the first day. Of course, you have already been stopped by the rules about such fashion.

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