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Their appearance in the world style “new look” is due to the meter of high fashion. Christian Dior, who more than half a century ago offered beautiful, romantic outfits to women. According to the fashion designer, clothing “new look” should make a woman a mystery. While it is beneficial to emphasize the visible bliss. A slender waist, a high chest, delicate shoulders, heavy lips. A special feature of this style of clothing is the variety of model types, including length, ankle-length, and careful selection of accessories, including high-heeled shoes and nylon stockings.

The basis of the Fashion:

Many women liked their luxury fatwa because of the “new bow” style of dress, the name of Olympus, an unusual reaction in society, but there were also such people. Those who spoke with incredible clothing wore tight-fitting underwear. But, whatever it was, the “new look” style of clothing suffered a wave of criticism and became a symbol of the ’50s. Clothes in the style of “new straw” led to a new fashion clothing line. His style often looked like flowers, whose cups open completely. The bottom is full of slides, or those who are still waiting for their time straight silhouettes. By the way, the skirt was also made in the style of “New Ghost” in the image of the favorite colors of pink and valley lily designer.

Modern New look:

Modern clothing in the style of “new look” has improved its shine and 50’s, but they are not ready to emphasize light, natural, bin Laden femininity. But not only in the evening but also during the day (such clothes are not corsets and are sewn without the use of a brilliant grid). Now the “new image” clothes not only gather in the circle but also find their mates in the store. Donna Kiran, Patricia Ayodo, Rosa Clara and others. In addition to the colors of black, green, and sketches, the color palette of the fabric, this season includes the pink and gray of Dewar and the leopard print. The current model also has a decorative bow – a favorite meter. The style “new look” recognizes the shoes in the form of beautiful shoes with only high heels.

Critical stroke:

An important detail, which is adjusted only by the “new look” style. There are accessories in it, of which the original hats and long gloves are particularly effective. The image is integrated with three-dimensional decorations, usually necklaces, bracelets, and clips, as well as small handbags, neck scarves, and sunglasses. All items must be selected along with the head.

“New Onion” makeup has freshness and nature which can be created by softening, natural color of natural waves, eye, and eye pencil. A “new ghost” hairstyle can take the form of soft waves and curls or better beams.

Street style:

Here’s how our 4 favorite Spanish fashion bloggers style summer

This month, Who Wears, the UK is taking the fashion focus from our home to the international style. Welcome to our Global Fashion Gang.

Although you probably don’t think of Madrid as the fashion capital of Paris or Milan. The Spanish fashion industry has greatly influenced the style of thanksgiving to Zara, Uterki, and other high street companies. Who wears here, we are always looking for new style dependencies and influencers, which we can add to our Instagram feed. So this week we’re turning our attention to Spain’s most popular girls on social media.

Gala Gonzalez:

Gala has a huge following on Gonzalez’s Instagram (over 700kg), and although she currently lives in the United States. Yet she sticks to signing Spanish pieces, such as earthy tones, playful prints, and espadrilles.

Teresa Anders Gonzalo:

Spanish girls love gold jewelry, large earrings, playful prints, and shoulder-length silhouettes. If this sounds like the ideal wardrobe for your beach, then follow Teresa.

Sarah from Collage Vintage:

Sarah Fram Collage Vintage is another super blogger, with over 700k followers, and now travels permanently. Therefore she is not an inspirational source of holiday dressing. Here, she shows that tiered, ruffled skirts, gold hoop earrings, and block heel sandals are always essential items for the beach.

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