Modern Fashion of Modern Era


Fashion in the modern world is said to play the role of a kind of litmus to determine some kind of lifestyle and social status. With the development of humanity, ideas on beauty, style, and “decent appearance” also changed.

To be fair, it’s worth noting that modern fashion styles are very diverse, and today’s fashion is much more democratic than in previous centuries. Current fashionistas are lucky – they can choose trends and styles at their discretion, considering the individual characteristics of the exterior. But without knowing the styles and trends of fashion, it is probably not possible to do so. In this article, we will talk about modern fashion trends.

The History of Modern Fashion:

The modern trends in fashion in clothing are the direct inheritors of the fashion of the past. In order to understand the principles of fashion development and to properly assess the importance of trends, it is necessary to have at least a minimal knowledge of the history of fashion.

It is not necessary to include the smallest twists and turns of fashion development. Enough to analyze and remember the special features of fashion tours from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.


The women get rid of the corset, which is replaced by linen, the hard knees (bones). Freedom, of course, is not called it, but at least it has been prevented from distorting the natural slate and distorting the internal organs of the girls. Fashion includes oriental ethnic perspectives and exotic fabrics – silk, brocade. In fashion, a poly waist, a deep neck, evening dresses were low on the floor after 1915, and now they have reached the ankles. Lack of fashion, and perfectly clean.

Since the 1920s, the male slide has become fashionable. Bold chested beauties are trying to make it smaller, close to the chest. The actual lengths are pearls (up to 2 meters), a strong tan, and bright makeup. Even the most fashionable women took an iodine bath to get a dark reddish-brown skin, on which the pearls would look particularly impressive. Nature’s salvation was compensated for by the lack of femininity – the dark eyes deepened the eyes, and the bright red lipstick accentuated the lips.

Egyptian Fashion:

Since 1925, skirts have been losing length by length, and already in 1926 the legendary little black dress base from Chanel. The most popular models of the century included. The most popular styles of the ’20s were Egyptian ethics, eyes, graphic quids, tight clothing.

By the end of the ’30s, the Sloanites were also getting tougher, affecting the political situation of the great depression and tension in Europe. In 1940, the style is strict, the industry works for the needs of war. Therefore women do not have grace. The reduction in the number of lineages, decorations, drapes, and other “extras” disappear completely from the outfits.

Foreigners Fashions:

At the end of the war, everything fundamentally changes, women’s well-being wears out, emphasis on the waist (thanks to Christian Dior). There are Twiggy, minimalism, bright colors, and some infantility in fashionable 60-year-old outfits (baby dollar style), one-line miniskirts, jetty prints, and shoes. The birth of hippies, denim, ethics and public popularity, punk and disco style, dresses, shirts, pants, and pancakes in the 1970s. In the ’80s, he picked up the neon colors and the top trends for shoes, leggings, and heads, the universal hobby for traps, clothes in a sporty style, knitwear, and aerobics.

Trends in Modern Fashion:

At the peak of popularity in the ’90s and for foreigners, girls are interested in comfortable clothing for convenience. It is fashionable to take care of the environment and leave the natural fur.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has become more difficult to talk about trends in fashion. They are more and more different, fashionable women have the right to choose their trends. We miss a lot of experiments with colors and styles (not always successful) and a lot of body. Modern fashion styles are increasingly fading, and girls are beginning to appreciate the quality of clothes and cuts again, and even try to create their own style.

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