Fashion Reflects Your Personality


Your fashion is a mirror of your personality. It tells your thoughts about your attitudes. If someone asks you what is fashion? So what would you answer? According to most people, fashion means wearing new style clothes and using the latest trend accessories. To some extent, this is also true because that is what fashion in general means.

Now is the time for weddings and parties and it is very important for you to follow the trend to be the center of attention at every party. If you do not follow the trend then you must know about the new fashion trend. If you are thinking of wearing the same old skirt, suit or designer does, then this idea is quite old, and you can get the Outdated Look address.

Traditional Dresses:

If you are thinking of wearing a traditional dress at a wedding or hearty, then wear it perfectly but find out what fashion is going on at the moment. You can wear any single color designer netted sari, but with it, you can also wear high neck blouses or stylish blouses with border embroidery or full sleeves. It will look much better.

Did you know that the fashion you adopt also reflects your whole personality?

It also represents our mood, speech, language, mannerisms. According to psychologists, there is a deep connection between fashion and personality. There is a famous saying in English ‘shoes define our personality i.e. our shoes determine our personality. The fact is, not only shoes but also our clothes, jewelry, all things reflect the good or bad of our personality. Let us tell you about five such garments that are in vogue right now.

According to the famous fashion consultant Sheehan Warren, human personality can be divided into four parts.

  • Expressive
  • Romantic
  • Classic
  • Relaxed

These four types of people can be easily identified according to their fashion.


The dressing style of those who have this temperament is often very bold. They like dark-colored funky patterned clothes. They see fashion as an art form. They live every day or every occasion trying to make themselves stand out or stand out from the crowd. An all-encompassing feature of the expressive personality is that such people, no matter what age they are, do not hesitate to adapt to new and changing trends. Their fashion also largely depends on their mood.


Romantic girls like to wear midi skirts, floral patterns, baby pink colors, silk blouses, antiques, or pearl jewelry. She likes to do fashion that shows off her feminine qualities. At the same time, they like the definition of beauty very much. There are different forms of people of this temperament. Sometimes it will look in Hollywood style, then sometimes it will appear in the fashionable clothes of ancient times. That is to say, you can see them differently on different occasions.


Those who have a classical style in their personality, these people stay away from the fashion that follows the trend. These people like to be in their chosen style. They don’t care what the fashion trend is. It will always appear in the same outfit. These are the kind of people who are ready all the time, they will get ready in two minutes.


People of this temperament like to use very comfortable fashion. They like to be more comfortable than they look fashionable. Even if there is a trend hit in the market in terms of fashion, if it does not suit them, it will never adopt it. They don’t like to wear clothes or shoes that don’t make them feel comfortable. Although it is not the case that they stay away from the fashion trend, they can go anywhere in any case. Rather, they know exactly what kind of dressing suits them.

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