World-Famous Fashion Designers: Ranking, Best Collection


The Industrial Revolution is due to the fact that the garment industry has become popular and accessible, and soon made the elite clothing industry, which is characterized by originality and distinction. The most famous fashion designers have become part of the culture, their creations make the audience happy, something of desire, and even those who gather.

The lives of the creators of classic and contemporary fashion brands began to shape the public taste, to determine the rules of influence on consumer activities. Who owns the torment? We tell you the world-famous clothing designers are recognized trend in different periods.

Well known fashion designers:

In 1913, he opened a shop in Dowley, where the first sports collection is. During World War I, he wore a jersey. Chanel was also a staunch opponent of the corset and offered a suit that would not allow women without this fettering element movement. It offers the ultimate in simple dresses, laconic dresses have become classics. Coco also first wore pants as she had before, not for riding, for everyday life. After that, her collection cannot do without a pants suit, and tweed and buklirovannyh two: jacket + skirt with recognizable black piping, patch pockets, and large buttons.

Cristobel Balen Siaga:

The great Spanish designer was born in 1895 in 24 years, he opened his first fashion house in Spain during the Civil War, he moved to Paris, where he began to embark on a brilliant career as a fashion designer.

He, unlike other fashion classics, has gone from a tailor to a fashion tailor and could sew a dress, and just do not draw it. Marilyn Dietrich, Grays Kelly, Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor: Clients of the house Balin Ciaga became crowned heads and stars. They admired her for her impeccable taste and style, they created masterpieces, not clothes. Kristobel was familiar with the equivalent of the ability to dress and always knew how to highlight the beauty of the female personality.

Fashion Designers Known As Clothes:

In addition to the revolutionary Balin Siaga dress sewing loose coats and jackets, the ladies offer a comfortable wide-cut coat and a coat with a hood. The master is in the late 70’s study, realizing that fashion takes the syndicate of electricity in fashion houses to become higher. He refused all offers to sell the fashion house. In 1972, the designer is not, there were several attempts to restore the brand, but they did not succeed.

Christian DIOR:

Famous fashion designers often come from poor backgrounds. But Christian Dior grew up in a rich family, he studied art and wanted to be an artist. The family went bankrupt and had to think about making money. In 1946, over the age of 41, she opened her own fashion house in Paris. And already in 1947 released the first collection of the revolutionary new form.

Modern Masters, Dolce & Gabbana:

World-famous fashion designers of the last quarter of the 20th century, Dolce & Gabbana broke into the world of fashion in 1982. Before that, every member of the pair went into the world of fashion. They met in a small factory in Milan. In 1985, Dolce & Gabbana presented a collection of their own studio “Real Woman” and conquered a new perspective for her fashion.


Famous Italian designer Dzhordzhio Armani was born in 1934, he started working as an assistant above Ciroti and Ungaro.

In 1975, the company opened to its name and created the usual jackets collection for men, which eliminates the usual tapering and shoulder pads. Its slogan – beauty and simplicity. In the women’s collection, she uses borrowed from men’s fashion modes, creating an original double-breasted suit, which became the hallmark of Armani’s home. Today Armani continues to manage its home, its customers – stars from around the world. Mark “Armani” symbolizes the company’s philosophy, each of which produces 5 lines of clothing.

Fashion in Russia, Vyacheslav ZAITSEV:

Famous fashion designers say that Russia has its own unique charm and style, and embodied them by Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The artist was born in 1938. Ever since childhood fond of drawing, she pursued the profession of designer clothes and led an experimental group at the Soviet House of 1962 Kuznetsky most of the models.

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